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Monthly Archives / October 2011

Enable mod_rewrite in linux

October 17, 2011 | Linux, Mint, Ubuntu | by tapan

Today I fight a lot for working over my CI_2.0.3 projects on linux mint 11 (katya). As I am a windows user trying to convert myself in linux. It was very confusing about file permission and other silly stuff in linux. And its little scary when I get my fist page in each projects but […]

My Wishlist for learning new things in 2011-12

October 10, 2011 | General | by tapan

Today is my birthday, but i am not celebrating this year. Today i found myself that i know nothing really. So I decide to learn some new thing for next 1 year. Those are as follows, 1. WordPress Theme Customization. 2. WordPress Plug-in Development. 3. CakePHP 4. Magento 5. Joomla   I just make 5 […]