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Creating Virtual Host on Apache/Ubuntu

May 28, 2012, by tapan, category LAMP, Linux, Ubuntu

This days i am running for Zend Framework. Also feels a nice love for Linux. So i am trying to coup up with zend. Here i need to create a virtual host in my local environment. Ubuntu is my only OS. As i am newbee of linux and this is my first virtual host configuration, i need to google a lot and finally after some try, i got this easy 4 steps to run a minimal configured virtual host.

my /var/www folder is already routed to /home/tapan/www and i am using a zend folder to organize all my zend work. Also this is my quickstart for a zend framework to run over virtual host as well as practice other technique with standard manner. So finally my point of folder is


Now follow this 4 steps to make virtual host.

Step 1 : Make a file in /etc/apache2/sites-available named as quickstart.conf and add the following line

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName quickstart
DocumentRoot /home/tapan/www/zend/quickstart/public

Step 2 : Edit /etc/hosts and add your new domain to the localhost line so it looks like this localhost quickstart

Step 3 : Enable new virtual host quickstart

sudo a2ensite quickstart.conf

Step 4 : Restart apache to take effect of the new virtual host

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

Bingoo ! we are done. Now point your browser to quickstart to get the zend framework.

N.B. Also to disable virtual host need to use as follows,

a2dissite quickstart.conf

So, what do you think ?

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