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Monthly Archives / December 2012

Update linux kernel 3.7.1 in Ubuntu and Mint (Softway)

December 24, 2012 | General, Linux, Mint, Ubuntu | by tapan

Linux Kernel 3.7.1 is the first maintenance release for the Kernel 3.7 series that has been made available recently for Ubuntu/Linux Mint systems. In this tutorial, we will see as usual how to upgrade to this new kernel using a simple bash script. Here are some of the changes and fixes in kernel 3.7.1 taken […]

Teer Hara Ei Dheuyer Shagor Paari Dibo Re

December 18, 2012 | Desher Gaan, Lyrics with Chords | by tapan

Teer Hara Ei Dheuyer Shagor Paari Dibo Re Artist: Abdul Jabbar (C#m)Teer hara ei dheuyer shagor (B)paari dibo (C#m)re (C#m)Amra ko jon (A)nobin maajhi haal dhorechi (B)shokto kore re || (C#m)Jibon kaate juddho kore (B)praaner maya shango kore (A)Jiboner shaad naahi (E)paai (C#m)Ooooo (B)Ooooo (A)Ooooo (C#m)Ooooo   (C#m)Jibon kaate juddho kore (B)praaner maya shango kore […]

Using Jetpack to Publicize post of self-hosted wordpress blog

December 17, 2012 | Wordpress | by tapan

Hi friends, Today I tried to auto post my blog from voboghure.com (my personal blog) in social networks like facebook, twitter etc. After tried a lot of plugin finally I found that Jetpack. This is a nice plugin and also it is now improved a lot to use publicize feature of wordpress.com This post is […]

Remove folder/file from GIT not from disc

December 9, 2012 | DVCS (git), General, Linux, Ubuntu | by tapan

Hi friends, Today I faced a complex problem with my Bitbucket with GIT. As I am new to GIT, I am doing a lot of mistake and try to learn from the mistake. 🙂 Let me describe my scenario. I made a repo in Bitbucket and push my local repo there. It was nice but […]

GPG key with Git

December 8, 2012 | DVCS (git), Linux, Ubuntu | by tapan

Hi all, Hows going on? Hope fine. Today I had a rush of work, though I manage some time to upgrade my skills with Git. As now my dream is contribute any opensource project (basically linux). So I need a GPG key to gain trust of other people around over my code. I searched for […]

রাজনীতি – ব্যান্ডঃ ডিফারেন্ট টাচ

December 5, 2012 | Different Touch, Lyrics with Chords | by tapan

শিরোনামঃ রাজনীতি ভোকালঃ মিসবাহ ব্যান্ডঃ ডিফারেন্ট টাচ অ্যালবামঃ শ্রাবনের মেঘ কর্ড প্রগ্রেশন – D# / G# (D#)হাল জামানার রাজনীতি ভাই (G#)করতাছি যে আমরা সবাই (G#)পেছন পকেট সদাই গরম (D#)গলা বাজির আছে যে সায় আছে যে সায়(২) (D#)এ মন হায় একবার দুইবার (G#)নেতা হইতে চায়(২) (G#)শুনছি নাকি নেতারা সব (D#)এয়ারকন্ডিশন খায় (D#)এ মন হায় একবার দুইবার […]

Update Linux Kernel 3.6.8 In Ubuntu 12.10/12.04 and Linux Mint 14/13

December 4, 2012 | Linux, Ubuntu | by tapan

Last couple of days I was fighting with Ubuntu. First faced HDMI video problem, after defeat that issue, faced HDMI audio problem!!! When I recover that issue I find that my internal microphone of laptop is not working. Here I introduced with ALSA and found that there may be some issue with kernel which is […]