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Darus Sallam, Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tapan Kumer Das

About Me

Hi there.

This is Tapan Kumer Das from Bangladesh. I am a fun loving guy. I love music as well as programming 🙂 both give me a lot of fun.

I have completed my graduation on CSE from Dhaka International University in 2004. From early of my SSC(10th) I was so much curious about computer and programming. After my SSC(10th) in 1998, I took a computer course of 6 months where I get in touch with the DOS/Win3.11 in a 486 machine with the speed of 133MHz with a turbo option with 233MHz. There I first meet with programming language QBASIC and a database system FoxPro2.6 (Database programming too) as well as M/S Office Packages. Then and there I fall in love with the programming language. I code a lot with QBASIC for fun those days. Next on in HSC(12th) I took computer study as my fourth subject and learn the algorithm for some simple problem and some flow chart like making tea ! 🙂 But those really helped me to make the big problem in a tiny part to accomplish the job perfectly. Also then out of my academic study, I learned Visual Basic 6.0 and M/S Access. Then after HSC(12th) in 2000, I admitted Dhaka International University for my CSE graduation.

Early in my graduation, I played with C/C++ with Turbo C++ Editor. I was also played with VB, Access and SQL Server as well. Then the first time I sold my Inventory System with VB6/Access in my second year of graduation. After my graduation, I started my career as a freelance programmer for local market of Dhaka. Later on(2006), I joined an export/import company to develop their Accounts and Inventory System. I developed a lot of small piece of software for that company and maintained them. After 2 years (2008) I joined AaloIT as a Sr. Programmer.

That time I learned some PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and found a local group of PHP. That was just a newborn PHP group of Bangladesh, moderated by Hasin Haidar and joined that group in October 2008.

Currently, PHP is my first priority. I am working for the Pagestead as Sr. Programmer with LAMP Stack. Also, I do the DevsOps task here.

Well, guys, this is all about me. If you want to know anything else, don’t hesitate to knock me through Contact Me page.

Goodbye and have a nice day 🙂