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Creating dynamic sitemap with Codeigniter

August 2, 2015 | CodeIgniter | by tapan

Recipe for creating Dynamic sitemap with CodeIgniter. Like yoursite.com/sitemap.xml Example. Suppose you have an articles blog where url for each article is by article ID Like yoursite.com/123 . All articles are stored in articleTable of the database. First Create a model to get URLs. Create a file named url_model.php in application/models directory. Get Urls from database <?php class Url_model extends CI_Model{     public function __construct(){ […]

Debug : xDebug with CodeIgniter over LAMP

October 3, 2013 | CodeIgniter, Fedora, LAMP, Linux, PHP | by tapan

Hello friends, How is going on? Hope everyone is fine. This days I am fascinated with PHP, but still I missed my VB6 and .NET experience as those have a built in debug system. And you know debugging is one of the best way to confirm about what is happening by your code. So I […]