“Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance.”, message after doing automatic upgrade of wordpress

Today i login to my www.erponlinebd.com which is developed with wordpress. After login to admin panel i found there is 5 update pending. One of which is core update of 3.4.1 So I did update but after complete the update it shows me the message Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

As I am new in wordpress this is first time i saw and dont know how to overcome from it, backend and frontend both shows me the same message. After googling i found that “As part of the automatic upgrade WordPress places a file named .maintenance in the blog base folder (folder that contains the wp-admin folder). If that file exists, then vistors will see the message.”

To stop that message from being displayed to vistors, just delete the .maintenance file. The automatic upgrade should be executed again, just in case it failed.

And thats all, i get back my site again.

Code is Poetry 😀

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