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March 2013

Hashi Mukh by Shironamhin (Jahaji), Lyrics with Guitar Chords

(Dm)Prothiti (C)rastai (A#)prothiti (Dm)janalay (Dm)Hashimukh (C)hashimukhe (A)anondo (Dm)dhara (Dm)Tumi cheye (C)acho tai (A#)aami pothe (Dm)hete jai (Dm)Hete hete (C)bohuduur (A)bohuduur (Dm)jete chai (Dm)Tumi cheye (C)acho tai (A#)aami pothe (Dm)hete jai (Dm)Hete hete (C)bohuduur (A)bohuduur (Dm)jete chai (Gm)Rod (A#)uthe geche (C)tomader (F)nogorite (A#)Alo eshe (C)theme geche (A)tomader (Dm)janalay (Gm)Anondo (C)hashi mukh (A#)chena chena (C)shobkhane (F)Eri majhe…

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Sraboner Megh Gulo by Different Touch, Lyrics with Guitar Chords

Em————————–D————-Em— Sraaboner megh gulo joro holo akaashe Am————————–D—————Em– Ojhore naambe bujhi sraaboner jhoraaye Em————- Aaj keno mon D————- Udaashi hoye D———— Dur ojanaae Em————- Chaae haraate Em————————— Kobitaar boi shobe khulechi —————————-D——— Heemel hawaae mon bhijeche D——————————— Janalaar paashe chaapa maadhobee ——————————-Em——- Bagaan bilaashi henaa duleche   Em————————— Megheder juddho shunechi —————————-D——— Shikto akaash kede…

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How to Use Custom Admin Path in Magento

Last couple of days I am straggling with Magento. I am using the latest version of magento which is at this time. Magento is a quite smart e-commerce solution for small/mediam/large business. That’s why I choose this for our little start-up business. But sad news is, there is not enough resource for learning this nice…

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PHP Extensions “0” must be loaded , while installing magento-

This is a wearied problem facing very often when installing Magento. The following way is perfect for magento Replace in file app/code/core/Mage/Install/etc/config.xml (near 71th string) this <extensions> <pdo_mysql/> </extensions> with this <extensions> <pdo_mysql>1</pdo_mysql> </extensions> So now i’m trying with this solution and it seems to be working at the moment