How to : Check / Monitor the bandwidth uses of your computer using Nethogs

Hello folks,

Today I need to check the bandwidth consumption of different application. As I am using Linux Fedora 19 and try to use-to with command line, I am searching for a command line tools for this purpose. And I found an excellent tools name “Nethogs” which shows me a nice list of application uses bandwidth real-time.

Here I demonstrate how to install and use the tools.

First install the tools from command line with,

sudo yum install nethogs

After install simply use the following command to check the bandwidth uses.

sudo nethogs <network device>

As nethogs need root permission to check the bandwidth uses, also if you omit the network device it will check the eth0, but I used a 3G modem so I need to specified the network device to check. If you are confused what to put in the place of network device check your network devices with following command,


Hope you will enjoy this tools as I enjoyed 🙂 So long folks…

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