My first playing with git

After inspired from the speech of Rifat Nabi on DevCon’ 12, today i try to make my first move.

first i need to install git so i get it from apt-get command

sudo apt-get install git-core

then i change my current directory to my desire project root folder.

now give the following command, which initiate git

git init

then add a snape shot for my current project status with git add command

git add .

( . to express all )

then do whatever i like to do with netbeans or anyother editor.

then show the status with,

git status

in this time a notice will shown my current change.

then i can commit my change in current repo with git commit

git commit -m “Commit Message”

now if i need to make a branch, need to following command,

git branch newname

now newname branch will added, show it with

git branch

will show list of branch.

to jump a branch i need to do,

git checkout branchname

This is just a basic for the git but it helps me a lot right now.

wish to using it and dig a lot more on git 🙂

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