How to install Docker on Ubuntu 18.04

Hello everyone!I hope you are doing fine these days. Today I am writing about how to install Docker on Ubuntu 18.04 I am using Ubuntu 18.04 as my daily OS and at the end of last year, I start using Docker for my projects. Within a short time, I like this very much and almost…

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Asole Keu Sukhi Noy by Ayub Bachchu, Lyrics with Chords

Song: Asole Keu Sukhi NoyArtist: Ayub BachchuAlbum: Asole Keu Sukhi NoyReleased: 2010 [ Intro ](Am) সুখেরই পৃথিবী (C) (Am) সুখেরই অভিনয় (G)(Am) যত আরালে রাখ (G) (Dm) আসলে কেউ সুখি (Am) নয় ॥ [ Chorous ](C) নিজ ভুবনে (Dm) চির দুখী, (G) আসলে কেউ সুখী (Am) নয় ॥ [ Repeat Intro ] (Am) তোমার (G)…

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