Upgrading to CodeIgniter 2.0

As soon as I saw the tweet from EllisLab that CodeIgniter 2.0-dev was available on BitBucket I instantly converted ERPOnlineBD to run on it. I got it all working in a few hours after LOTS of headbanging, mouse throwing and blaspheming. All the bugs I found along the way have since been fixed in the…

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Just Learn W3C Date and Time Format

Just today i am interested for learning some SEO technique, but for that first i know all information about it. as i dont know anything about this, i search for referance. there i found a lot of information when i feel interesting topic of DATE & TIME FORMAT This is a standard of ISO…

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My First Blog

Hi to all the bloggers, I am Tapan Kumer Das. Living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Completed My BSC on CSE From Dhaka Internation University and now doing my MSc on CSE from North South University. This is my first blog post. From now on I wish I will be continue here. Basically from today I am…

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