How to Use Custom Admin Path in Magento

Last couple of days I am straggling with Magento. I am using the latest version of magento which is at this time.

Magento is a quite smart e-commerce solution for small/mediam/large business. That’s why I choose this for our little start-up business. But sad news is, there is not enough resource for learning this nice CMS. Also maximum resource is out of date.

For security reason I need to change the admin login URL so that no one can try to login my admin panel unless s/he know the URL. I searched a lot for change the URL path and get a lot of blog/suggestion article but none is working for me. Some suggest to change the config.xml from app/code/core/adminhtml/etc but that is not working as well.

But after examine the admin panel I found an easy solution for this issue. Magento obviously make a vast change than 1.4 (maximum resource is available for 1.4) Login to admin panel then go to System > Configuration. From Left bar navigate Advance Section admin menu. There you find something like following

Magento Admin Base URL
Magento Admin Base URL

Click over Admin Base URL tab and in Custom Admin Path text box write your desire admin Path (ex. adminlogin) After save config you will ask to login again. Check your login URL, you will find your desire custom path (in this case adminlogin) there.

Bingo!!! This is so easy now. I just loving it 🙂

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