Magento : Custom Order number

Hi to all! Today I am with a little tricks for magento store owner. For a fresh install of magento the store by default start order number from 100000001. By this customer understand that he is the first customer of the store. But maximum store owner wants to start order from a custom order number…

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Magento : How to remove/disable state/province option from billing and shipping details

Hello to all. Hope everybody is fine. Today I faced a problem that is in our store ( we dont need the state/province option in billing and shipping option, as we planned this store for Banlgadesh primarily. First I thought about hide the input from template/persistent/checkout/onepage/billing.phtml but after searching I found that the validation will…

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How to Use Custom Admin Path in Magento

Last couple of days I am straggling with Magento.Ā I am using the latest version of magento which is at this time. Magento is a quite smart e-commerce solution for small/mediam/large business. That’s why I choose this for our little start-up business. But sad news is, there is not enough resource for learning this nice…

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PHP Extensions ā€œ0ā€ must be loaded , while installing magento-

This is a wearied problem facing very often when installing Magento. The following way is perfect for magento Replace in file app/code/core/Mage/Install/etc/config.xml (near 71th string) this <extensions> <pdo_mysql/> </extensions> with this <extensions> <pdo_mysql>1</pdo_mysql> </extensions> So now iā€™m trying with this solution and it seems to be working at the moment