Magento : How to remove/disable state/province option from billing and shipping details

Hello to all.

Hope everybody is fine. Today I faced a problem that is in our store ( we dont need the state/province option in billing and shipping option, as we planned this store for Banlgadesh primarily.

First I thought about hide the input from template/persistent/checkout/onepage/billing.phtml but after searching I found that the validation will still there and make your submit invalid. For this reason I dont go with this solution rather search again and found a little solution for this with 2 SQL.

update core_config_data set `value`=0 where path = 'general/region/display_all';
update core_config_data set `value`= '' where path = 'general/region/state_required';

With running this two sql I can get rid of state/province 🙂

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