Magento : Custom Order number

Hi to all!

Today I am with a little tricks for magento store owner. For a fresh install of magento the store by default start order number from 100000001. By this customer understand that he is the first customer of the store. But maximum store owner wants to start order from a custom order number like 100001234 so that customer feel that he is not ordering product from a newly stable store. Though its unethical 🙂

Here is the way to do it with a hard way (not with plugin)

From PHPMyAdmin go to your store database and found “eav_entity_store” table. Here you will get a field name “increment_last_id” which will show you your last order id (if fresh 0 will be there.) Now edit this field with your desire last order number, and bingo!!! from next on the order number will be incremented from that number with 1.

Very easy solution ha??? 🙂

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